Become independent in your clear aligner production process

Innovative solutions for in office clear aligner production
aligners per day
We help orthodontists setup the best process to produce 10 to 50 aligners per day in office

As the press and social media tell stories of do it yourself orthodontic
treatments gone wrong, patients want medical experts in control.

In office planning & production signals to patients they are getting the most innovative and efficient treatments from their chosen medical specialist.

The right equipment and processes yield costs per aligners close to treatments by braces, enabling orthodontists to competitively price treatments to an extended patient base.

Puts orthodontists in full control at the right price

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Faster, cheaper and more effective

Fast scanning in 1 min for 2 arches
No more stone models
Better patient and orthodontist comfort
Aligner treatment planning in 30 minutes
Full control of your software
No need for back and forth exchanges with technicians
Perfect precision for clear aligners orthodontic models
Models can be printed during the night
Affordable cost of professional 3D printers and materials
Robust and efficient materials for clear aligners sheets
Fast in-office thermoforming solutions
Innovation to simplifie the thermoforming process
Post-processing can be done by your assistant or lab staff
Innovative fully automated post-processing
Same day delivery is possible with the right equipment
No more delays for lost aligners or when treatment plan need to be changed
Patients get adjusted and personalised aligners at each visit
Technologies have matured, multiple vendors exist with innovative hardware and software.
With the right combination of equipment and techniques, treatments are faster, cheaper and more effective with in office production

We provide independence, lower costs and better efficiency


what yields lowest overall cost and best production efficiency,
(and has patented) specific processes,
missing hardware and software solutions,
the best third party hardware and software vendors,
all this to desired output volumes and specific requirements.
No more risk of choosing the wrong combinaison of hardware and software
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We adapt the best combination of equipment, software and processes to the orthodontists’ organization and constraints.

It’s not just about the hardware and software. Vendors focus on their products, our focus is getting the simplest and cheapest way to produce clear aligners.

We provide a step by step design and production process which is easy to follow for a team.

We don’t train for one specific machine or software, we train a team so they can produce aligners using all the equipment necessary.

We provide a support line specialised in aligner production, available to orthodontists, lab technicians and assistants so the orthodontist can focus on patients, not troubleshooting.

We provide marketing tools that put the spotlight on the orthodontist’s practice so he can demonstrate to his patients it’s his knowhow which makes a difference.

Stay focused on chair time

Designed by orthodontic professionals

Orthodontist knowhow is at the heart of the conception of treatment plans.

Orthodontists need innovative tools to design and produce the best treatment plans.

Focus is on treating patients, not becoming black belt 3D modelers, or spending countless hours choosing between hardware options and definitely not being distracted from patients to optimise production processes or solve technical glitches.

Key questions you’ll need to answer

If you’re considering in office aligner production, by clicking each category you’ll see the questions that need to be answered to chose the right setup and processes.
We can help simplify your these
choices by answering them for you.
3D Printer
Post processing

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Orthoin3D is a medtech company for orthodontics, helping orthodontists migrate to new technologies for in office clear aligners production.
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